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  • Document Imaging
  • Scanning Services
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche

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Our Products and Services For Document Imaging and Scanning

Equipment and Supplies for Scanning and Microfilm Operations.

  • Products: Kodak, Agfa, Fuji, Microfilm and Chemistry, Diazo, Cabinets
  • Equipment: Scanners ‑ Desktop and Wide Format, Microfilm and Microfiche, Paper ‑ New and Refurbished Digital Archive Writers, Densitometers, Duplicators and Processors, Reader Printers, CD/DVD Duplicators and Printers, Jacket Loaders
  • Supplies: CD and DVD Media, Ink Cartridges, Toners, Labels, Bulbs and Lamps, Developer and Fixer, Systems Cleaner, Ammonia, Scanner Parts and Accessories, Reels, Cartridges, Microfiche Jackets and Envelopes, Acid Free Boxes, Processing Tape, Gloves
  • Lab Services: Film Processing and Duplication, CD to Film and Film to CD conversion
  • CAD Services: At Allan Enterprises we offer a unique service world‑wide to users of CAD. It is a process of securing your large format files on an archive media produced directly from your digital images. In essence, it is an insurance policy for your engineering drawings. For a nominal fee we can guarantee your files will be secure for the next 100+ years.

    Whether you backup your files monthly, weekly, daily or not at all, remember this: a virus, program error, hardware failure, natural disaster, corporate sabotage, or theft can strike at any time. Our CAD‑SN (CAD‑Safety Net) service allows you to:
    • Secure your vital engineering drawings offsite
    • Secure your drawings in a format that can never be lost or corrupted
    • Save on insurance costs
    • Store your critical engineering drawings in a standards bases format for long term archival storage
    Don't be a part of this year's statistics. Minimize your firms risks by implementing CAD‑SN today to protect your large format digital files.